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Welcome to join Asian Concrete Federation

The Asian Concrete Federation has been conducting activities to promote understanding of concrete structures and services to the society through concrete structures in countries in the Asia and neighboring region through:

  • Initiation and support of international collaborative activities for development of research and technology relating to various aspects of concrete and concrete structures

  • Dissemination of useful information on concrete and concrete structures by way of publications, conferences, symposia, workshops and/or seminars

  • Promotion of updating and revising concrete codes/standards on structural design, materials, construction and maintenance through development of new knowledge to meet the needs of changing time

  • Interaction with the members and keeping them aware of the activities of the Federation


Subcategory : Annual Subscription

Voting right at GA (votes/member)


Organization Member (OM)

A : 19,800 Baht (US $600)
B : 9,900 Baht (US $300)

A : 10
B : 5

  • Voting rights at the General Assembly

  • 2 persons for subcategory A, 1 person for subcategory B can get 10% rebate on registration fee at Federation-organizing events for participants

  • Free access to specified technical documents and publications

Organization Member Application Form

Our company would like to join ACF as an Organization Member.