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Last update:  4 November 2013

"Activities of the Federation shall encompass all aspects of structural concrete engineering while considering the technological, social, economical, environmental, aesthetic and cultural aspects of Member Countries and neighboring regions.  They include design, construction, materials, monitoring and inspection, testing, preservation, rehabilitations, and demolition of concrete structures, production of concrete elements, and exchange and transfer of concrete technology. (Clause 5, ACF constitution)

Membership Categories

The Asian continent consists of both developed and developing countries.   It is ACF aims to reach out to every corner of Asia.  As a result the membership subscription is classified into different categories taken into account GDP disparities.   ACF operation relies solely on membership fees and voluntary work by members.  


Representative Members (RMs) are individuals nominated by standard institutions and/or other bodies responsible for the standardization of concrete structures, established professional engineering institutions at national/regional level which have interest in any aspects of structural concrete covered in Clause 5 above.  Their membership is paid by the nominating institution.


Individual Members (IMs) are professionals and/or academics interested and engaged within any aspects of structural concrete covered in Clause 5 above.  


Corporate Members (CMs) are institutions* and/or organizations** engaged in any of the activities covered in Clause 5 above.   One person nominated by the legal authority of the institution or organization in question will represent each Corporate Member within the Federation.


   *standard institutions or established professional engineering institutions.

**public or private sector companies, consultants, industries, research institutes, etc. incorporated within each country by relevant laws or acts.

Membership Subscription and Benefits

Subcategory :
Voting right at
General Assembly (votes/person)
A : US$4,000
B : US$2,000
C : US$1,000
D : US$500
A : 100
B : 50
C : 25
D : 12
1)  Voting rights for the election of the Executive Council and
     nominating rights for candidates of an Executive Council
2)  Voting rights at the General Assembly.
3)  8 persons for subcategory A, 4 persons for subcategory B, 2
     persons for subcategory C, and 1 person for subcategory D
     can enjoy the same benefits as Individual Member (IM).
4)  A copy of any publications issued by the Federation during
     the membership period.
Corporate Member
A : US$400
B : US$200
A : 10
B : 5
1)  Voting rights at the General Assembly.
2)  2 persons for subcategory A, 1 person for subcategory B
     can enjoy the same benefits as IM.
3)  A copy of the publications issued by the Federation during
     the membership period.
Individual Member
US$40 1 1)  Voting rights at the General Assembly.
2)  A 10% rebate on registration fee at Federation-organizing
     events for participants, in case of not mentioning registration
     fee for ACF members.

How to apply

ACF RM Application Form

ACF CM Application Form

ACF IM Application Form

Please send the filled application form to the secretariat .