Technical Committee



Technical Committee 1:  Design

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Sandeep Chaudhary, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, India

ACMC Level 2 document
“JSCE Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures 2007, Design” (Japan Society of Civil Engineers) is approved as an example of ACMC Level 2 document. (free download)


Technical Committee 2:  Materials and Construction

Chair: Prof. Zhang Yunsheng, Southeast University, China


Technical Committee 3:  Maintenance

Chair: Prof. Manabu Kanematsu, Tokyo University of Science, Japan


Because of rapid economic growth, plenty of big development projects have recently been undertaken including construction of concrete structures in Asia in which about two-thirds of infrastructure in the world are being accumulated. Proper maintenance for those structures is necessary to ensure structural functions and performance requirements, to extend the service life, and to reduce the life cycle cost. Deterioration of concrete and concrete structures usually occurs slowly at first and sudden catastrophic events can be consequences demanding immediate interventions. Such progressive deterioration and performance degradation can be retarded and preferably avoided through practicing systematic maintenance. Appropriate and reliable procedures for the systematic maintenance should be defined to meet wide variations in maintenance-related aspects particularly in Asia; that is, tropical to cold climates, humid to arid areas, etc.


Develop codes and technical reports for assessment, evaluation, repair, and rehabilitation of existing concrete structures.


1) Develop and maintain Levels 1 to 3 Documents on maintenance and rehabilitation of Asian Concrete Model Code;

2) Identify wide-applicable techniques for maintenance and rehabilitation of existing concrete structures in Asia; and

3) Support the work of standardization at ISO/TC71/SC7 Maintenance and repair of concrete structures (Secretary: KATS, Korea).

Through the series of documents, the appropriate and reliable processes are established for maintenance and rehabilitation including assessment of present structural performance and the prediction of future structural performance of existing structures. Associated interventions required to recover performance and to extend their service life are also covered. It is envisaged that the documents to be produced could include reviews of the state of the art, technical specifications and recommendations under the framework of Asian Concrete Model Code. Furthermore, the documents to be published would deal with the life cycle management not only covering maintenance but also coordination between design and maintenance.

Documents published

1) ACMC 2001 Level 3 document, Maintenance for chloride attack – Guidelines for maintenance and rehabilitation of concrete structures against chloride induced deterioration, April 2004

2) Vietnam National Standard TCXDVN 318:2004 – Concrete and Concrete Reinforced Structures – Guide to Maintenance, July 2004

3) ACMC 2006 Level 3 document, Maintenance for Carbonation – Guidelines for maintenance and rehabilitation of concrete structures subjected to carbonation-induced deterioration, March 2011